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On-demand Video Courses with Free Refresher!

Enjoy two weeks access to well-indexed video versions of some of our courses. With these on-demand courses, you'll enjoy benefits you would in-person: all course files & reference materials, follow-up questions via email, and even the opportunity to audit the course free within a year!


The video contains easy-to-access chapters so you can quickly get to any major lesson to pick up where you leave off or to review it again.

Since the videos exclude events like file opening or rendering, aiding students, etc., the playback time without pausing is substantially less than the normal course duration. However, you should plan on a course taking about the same amount of time to complete as it would in-person.

One person at one location: This content must be accessed from the same IP address as the one from which this purchase is being made (for example, the public internet address of your modem). We show that to be Although unlikely to change in two weeks, you can monitor it at whatsmyip.org. If it changes in the two week window, contact us.

This functionality assumes you'll be viewing the video on the same computer (or at least in the same network) you use to register.

Available On-demand Video Courses

Use the links below to view the full course description and register.
Note: the on-demand video course purchase option is found below in-person class dates—you may have to scroll down a little.

Desktop Publishing OverviewAfter Effects EssentialsInDesign EssentialsPremiere Pro EssentialsPhotoshop Essentials

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